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Hawit color sorter machine at a rice mill in Pakistan

Hawit color sorter machine at a rice mill in Pakistan

Mar 13, 2023

Hawit 8 chutes Rice Color Sorter Machine Installed Successfully in Pakistan Market ,Pakistan is one of the biggest export market for Hawit sorter company , We have installed  a number of Hawit rice and grain color sorter machine installed in Pakistan with the support of local distributors ;


There are many new features in these machines installed , such as photo capture , Intelligent sorting , capacity caculation on line etc . In Hawit Sorter  there are facillity for machine ejectors , there are there are three ejectors can be choosed , such as Hawit own designed ejector , SMC ejectors from Japan , Martrix ejctors from Etaly.


We are looking forward more business in Pakistan market for our rice color and shape sorter machine promoting .

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