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Hawit sorter installed in South Korea

Hawit sorter installed in South Korea

Feb 20, 2024

That's great to hear! Hawit color sorter is a well-known Chinese company that specializes in manufacturing color sorters for the food processing industry. If a Hawit color sorter has been installed in South Korea, it indicates that a business or organization in South Korea has recognized the quality and effectiveness of Hawkeye's products.

Hawit color sorters are used in various industries, including rice milling, grain processing, seed production, and other food processing applications. They utilize advanced imaging technology and algorithms to identify and remove defective or discolored particles from a stream of product, ensuring high-quality output.

In South Korea, where the agricultural and food sectors are significant, the installation of a Hawit color sorter can help improve product quality, increase efficiency, and reduce waste. It indicates a commitment to utilizing advanced technology to enhance the competitiveness of the industry.

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