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Welcome all Customers to visit Hawit new factory and office

Welcome all Customers to visit Hawit new factory and office

Apr 03, 2024

Welcome all customers to visit Hawit Sorter's new factory and office!  Our facility is equipped with the latest sorting equipment and cutting-edge technology to meet the high demands of the sorting industry.

When you visit our factory, you will have the opportunity to see our sorters in action and witness the precision and efficiency of our sorting process. Our experienced team will be on hand to explain the advanced features and benefits of our color sorting machines specifically designed for products.

In addition to our factory, we also invite you to visit our office, where our knowledgeable sales and customer support staff will provide detailed information on our products, pricing, and after-sales services. We believe in establishing strong relationships with our customers and providing excellent support throughout the entire buying process.

At Hawit Sorter, we are committed to delivering top-quality sorting solutions that enhance the productivity and profitability of our customers in the hazelnut industry. We look forward to hosting you at our new factory and office and demonstrating how our technology can revolutionize your sorting operations.

To arrange a visit or for any inquiries, please contact our sales team through our website or give us a call. We are eager to assist you and provide the best sorting solutions for your business.

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